I recently redesigned/reimagined a new logo and T shirts for the long-shuttered Trenton music venue City Gardens. City Gardens was a legendary punk club that ran from 1979 to 2001 in Trenton, NJ. The venue hosted a ton of national, semi national, and local punk bands every night of the week. Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Thrash, or Reggae, you could see it at City Gardens. It was a hallmark of east coast punk culture for over 20 years and it had all the tenets of a great filthy punk club: Located in a sketchy section of town, cinderblock bunker aesthetics, an interior plastered with stickers and graffiti, lax maintenance, no adherence to fire codes, an anything goes attitude, a raging wall of a mosh pit, and the constant stench of vomit, piss, and stale beer that permeated the air. There was no pretense at City Gardens, no VIP sections or fancy amenities, no trend chasing, and best of all it was not connected to any corporate music conglomerate, it was the rare all-inclusive club: outcasts, punks, geeks, misfits, crusts, gutters, goths, thrashers, and music nerds – all were welcome at City Gardens.
This was a very personal project and I had a lot of fun in the process. A huge shout out goes to my wife Geannine she put on her best punk snarl while being photographed in an alley littered with trash and dead rats. 
A limited edition of 25 each. The City Gardens T Shirt includes a custom extra thick screen-printed hang tag with a black leather rope, along with custom screen-printed mailer envelopes. Please check out the project photo shoot and if you would like a shirt DM me and we will discuss details. 

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